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Money Despair Cycles: 1.5 hr Seminar

For mental health professionals, HR departments, and conferences.

  • In-Person or Virtual Options

Service Description

-----You may have mental health clients or employees who are in desperate need of financial recovery. Do you know * how to spot them? * of referrals to give them? * how to integrate their treatment or employment packages to address their financial unwellness in ways that help them thrive? This is a presentation about cycles of despair and growth with money. It is a first step to filling the gap left by Western society's education about money, where credit repair specialists exist far from financial and investment planners. Financial Recovery™ reveals underlying frames of mind that limit individuals' capacity to thrive and heal beliefs about work, trauma, and self-worth. It is a process which motivates and engenders real tools for change. I've spoken at conferences in San Francisco, Zagreb and Vienna, and I'd be honored to add your city and facility to the growing list of human resource and therapist departments who acknowledge how money touches every relationship. A taste from my trainer Karen McCall's original presentation at the Far West Round-Up Conference in Santa Cruz, CA,: "We need to integrate the issue of financial recovery into corporate Employee Assistance Programs, educating businesses about the high cost of money disorders, and helping HR professionals develop effective ways of working with their employees in this area. "We need financial recovery counselors on staff at treatment and recovery centers, people who can help clients deal not only with an immediate financial crisis, but also gain clarity about the underlying factors that gave birth to, and may continue to fuel, their money behaviors.  "We need knowledgeable financial recovery counselors in after-care and treatment alumnae programs, because money disorders can also threaten long-term sobriety, undermining an individual’s quality of life and creating overwhelming feelings of shame and hopelessness. Financial recovery is an important adjunct to therapy, where having a client address money issues while also working on other life themes or issues can really fast track the therapeutic process." This talk speaks to how we can each do our part in lifting old veils over money by bringing our curiosity and courage to that very topic.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: Once we agree to an appointment, I reserve that specific time for you. However, should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, I ask for a minimum of 2 business days' notice. (For example, an appointment on Monday would need to be cancelled/rescheduled on the Thursday before). Not providing complete notice will result in being charged for the appointment. (When booking as a gift, the time can be changed 3 times.)

Contact Details


Steep driveway. Please enter alongside house (not through the screen door.) 226 Mt Washington Rd, Egremont, MA 01230, USA

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